• The start of Zes

    In september 21' Zes dropped these hoodies. The real OG's remember.

  • Winter collection 21'

    In the winter of 21' we dropped the coldest collection. Scarves, lighters and gloves had everbody thrilling.

  • Family Beanie

    Not much to say about these tbh. Cold af.

  • Black & White hoodies

    Because people kept asking for this, we dropped the hoodie again. Hoping our phones would stop ringing, we also dropped them in white and did a longsleeve version. Our problem wasn't solved at all.

  • Scorpio Maffia Collection

    Bro what are you looking at? This is one for the ladies. In summer 22' we dropped croptops, bikini's, soccershirts & swimmingshorts. That summer is said to be the sexiest summer ever recorded in Belgium till this day.

  • Zes x Rts

    Not even speaking on this one. But we did that.

  • Bara Mentallity Tee

    We know exactly how it is to be a broke teen. So we went and gave back to the community. We dropped tee's for only 10€. 1€ is almost free, so these were 10x almost free.

  • Pop-up Ghent

    In July 2023 we did our first ever pop-up store in Ghent. For everyone who wasn't there, nah don't mind everyone was there.

  • Zes X Rtp

    Bro, we literally had Antwerp in a nasty headlock.. We went and did the craziest collection with Freddie Konings and even opened a store. In dutch we say "probleem".

  • Pop-up on a boat.

    You ever saw a brand opening a pop-up store? Cool right? We did it on a boat lol. People literally jumped on the wave.

  • Restock, ofcourse...

    Ofcourse we needed to restock the Zes x Rtp tracksuits. To give back to the community, we dropped them in new colorways too. White&Red and Black&White were the new standard.

  • LightZEStival

    February 2024. The perfect moment to steal the shine and put our hometown on lock. We did a cozy pop-up and dropped an exclusive new collection.

  • The Oldskool Hoodies

    After 2 years of receiving dm's, we finally did it. We remixed & upgraded our first ever hoodie. And as if that wasn't enough we also made a movie about this. The defenition of Build Your Legacy!